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Low temperature cooking stove - Miji Star 3 Twist

It can achieve high temperature stir-fry, low-temperature cooking, fermentation and other functions at the same time.

In the hot summer, it can replace the grill and make a cool barbecue. Eliminate the carcinogens formed by the charcoal grill, making the barbecue healthier and safer.

Can not only heat up quickly, but also slow down.

Better energy efficiency, lower energy consumption.

Different from gas and electric cooker heating, it does not burn with open flame, does not produce harmful exhaust gas, does not heat the environment, and is more environmentally friendly.

Miji's unique air duct design ensures long-term high-power heating of the stove and is more efficient

Miji's precise temperature control, excellent energy utilization, and reliable and sensitive control bring many benefits to users.

Exhibitor: Miji Electronics And Appliances (Shanghai) Ltd.


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