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Miji Electronics and Appliances (shanghai) Ltd. specializes sourcing, developing, manufacturing and selling premium kitchen
appliances to middle-class and upper-middle-class customers, its products mainly are Hobs and Stoves (including radiant stoves and induction stoves), core brands are “Miji Design”, “Miji Home”
and “Miji Pro”.

Its products are mainly sold in the PRC, distributing the products across the PRC through various sales channels comprising mainly distributors, consignment sales, television platforms, online
platforms and corporate sales.

According to the CIC Report, the Group was the largest premium
radiant stove manufacturer and supplier in the PRC in 2017 in terms of the retail sales value of the PRC’s premium radiant stove market.

Products and services

Miji Highlight cooktops ensure safe cooking without open flames, much less fumes and a reliable heat control for use of any pot.

German made highlight heating elements from leading global manufacturer are part of each Miji Design Germany highlight cooktop. Guaranteed direct heat transfer with high efficiency.

Miji Induction cooktops work fundamentally different from conventional cooking technologies like gas or highlight heating elements—heat is generated in the pot itself. Adopt clean electric energy, no flame burning, fundamentally solve the drawbacks of heavy kitchen smoke in China.

Miji electronic stoves are designed for the modern kitchen and offer the most convenient solutions for a healthy and joyful cooking environment.

Star 3 Twist

The mobile induction cooker Star3 Twist has a dual-circuit induction zone with automatic pan detection and has a maximum power consumption of 2200 watts. The intuitive slider operation with nine levels and four warming levels enables precise cooking and frying. A built-in timer complements the features. In addition, the power consumption can be read via a built-in meter. The glass-ceramic surface consists of the extremely resistant original SCHOTT CERAN®

Miji Cooking Table

Miji cooking table is made based on the very special cooking experience. The Original Original SCHOTT CERAN®︎ marble surface conceals an induction cooking zone of 260 mm diameter and a power consumption of 2,600 W, which can be increased in the boost setting to 3,500 W. An automatic function and three warming levels make the cooking table universally applicable.

Miji Electronics And Appliances (Shanghai) Ltd.
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News & Innovations

Miji Cooking pad

The embedded flat stove (single cooking zone to 6 cooking zones) is equipped with a microcrystalline panel to connect the cooktop to the countertop. When not cooking, it can be used as an operating table to increase the actual usable area of the kitchen.

The series uses the world's leading IH 5 series electric cooker modules, all imported from Germany, precise temperature control, bridging design to adjust the heating area as needed.

Adopt clean electric energy, no flame burning, fundamentally solve the drawbacks of heavy kitchen smoke in China.

Vertical heating, without heating the environment, makes the kitchen more comfortable.

Precise temperature control, excellent energy utilization, reliable and sensitive control, bring many benefits to the user of scientific cooking, so that kitchen novice can also cook a variety of food.

Low temperature cooking stove - Miji Star 3 Twist

It can achieve high temperature stir-fry, low-temperature cooking, fermentation and other functions at the same time.

In the hot summer, it can replace the grill and make a cool barbecue. Eliminate the carcinogens formed by the charcoal grill, making the barbecue healthier and safer.

Can not only heat up quickly, but also slow down.

Better energy efficiency, lower energy consumption.

Different from gas and electric cooker heating, it does not burn with open flame, does not produce harmful exhaust gas, does not heat the environment, and is more environmentally friendly.

Miji's unique air duct design ensures long-term high-power heating of the stove and is more efficient

Miji's precise temperature control, excellent energy utilization, and reliable and sensitive control bring many benefits to users.

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